About us

The goal of the higher education is to train future decision makers in an increasingly global and multicultural environment. It is essential for them to be capable of apprehending tomorrow’s environmental, economic and political issues. It has become overriding to rethink education methods to adapt to these evolving trends.

However, this mutation is fast. Much faster than the evolution and adaptation of logistics available for students. Finding accommodation during exchange semesters, internships or campus-to-campus mobility is becoming expensive and very complicated.

Thanks to its student-to-student housing platform, SwitchAround.com provides tailored, legal and insured housing solutions to students within a trusted academic network.

We are a team of alumni and students located in Bordeaux, France. Each of us, has been confronted, at least once to housing difficulties during our studies. Our motivation lies in the belief that we can build an easy housing solution for future generations. Our vision - To facilitate the access to student mobility - will remain unchanged. The platform supporting our ideas will grow continuously.

Let's create today a future where housing is no longer an obstacle to mobility, but instead a means to access a new world of possibilities.

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Meet the Team

MELVYN MOUFLIN | General Manager & Co-founder

EDOUARD GIBERT | Partnership Development & Co-founder

GAEL BRETONNEAU | IS Manager & Co-founder

MATTHIEU BIROT | Lead Back-end Developer

MANON LEJOT | Communication & User Care Coordinator

ALIZÉE TOURNADRE | Communication Coordinator & Individual Coach



TECHNOPOLE BORDEAUX UNITEC | Strategic Counselling | Marie Catoire

AQUITAINE EUROPE COMMUNICATION | Strategic Counselling | Thierry Ulmet

APRIL INTERNATIONAL VOYAGE | International Insurance | Jean-Philippe Lardennois

EY | Associate Director | Catherine Michelet Quinquis

RÉSEAU ENTREPRENDRE (Laureate Promotion 2014) | Strategic counselling | Guillaume Rivet


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