Frequently Asked Questions

How it works

How do I give / receive the keys ?

A friend : the most convenient way is to give the keys to a friend or a neighbour you trust, who will be a guide for your co-Switcher. Your friend could also take care of your co-Switcher’s departure and make sure they had a great stay. If you have any concerns, your friend can also keep an eye on your accommodation. Alternatively, leave the keys with a local shop/store where your co-Switcher can pick them. Make sure the shop of your choice is open when they arrive. You can also give your keys in person if your dates overlap.

Must I pay to create my account ?

No, creating your account is entirely free and will always will be.

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Why should I pay to exchange my accommodation ?

Mainly to cover your flat with insurance against damages during your entire switch. Besides, people paying for a service tend to be more reliable than these who do not.

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Safety & legal matters

What are the risks ?

Risk in an accommodation are extremely rare. However, Switcharound insure you against potential damages during your stay just in case damages occur. More information about insurance coming soon.

How do I know the accommodation I want to book is not fake ?

We are working on diverse solutions to create a safer community everyday. Each profile is MAIL AND PHONE VERIFIED. More features are coming soon such as Facebook connected, Twitter connected, verified pictures and more.

Is my flat covered by insurance in case my furniture is damaged during my exchange ?

During your exchange, we will insure your accommodation against damages. Further information about insurance soon.

Should I inform my landlord about my accommodation exchange ?

IT IS NOT SUB-RENTING, no money is involved. Therefore you DO NOT HAVE ANY LEGAL OBLIGATION TO INFORM YOUR LANDLORD. You have the right to participate in this exchange, however it is your choice to inform them if you wish. Regarding long stays, it is a win-win situation for both your landlord and you. Landlords tend to appreciate accommodation exchanges since they do not have to seek a new occupant. We recommend that you inform your landlord in the case of a long exchange.

Is it legal ?

Yes, accommodation exchange is totally legal.