Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add / edit my listing or profile's photos?

To add or edit your listing or profile's photos, go to the photo section in "My listing" or "My profile". To add a photo, click the grey zone to open the filepicker. Browse your folders to choose your photo, then click "add file". You can add up to 4 photos of your listing, and 1 photo of yourself. Click any photo you want to replace to choose a different one. The website only accept .jpeg, .jpg, .bmp. Make sure your save your photos in the right format before upload.

Do I need to add photos?

You need to add at least 1 photo of your listing and 1 photo of yourself to publish your listing, to contact members and to book a flat exchange. Photos are the first element of a listing members look at when considering a place to stay. Adding more photos considerably improves your odds to find a flat exchange.

How do I take good photos?

Photos are absolutely fundamental to have a precise idea of the listing and its host. Take the time necessary to improve your odds to find a flat exchange. Here is some advice to take quality photos : Make sure your space is clean and tidy. Turn on the lights and open the windows to increase the luminosity. Be careful, if you take a picture against the light, or under a strong light, do not hesitate to use a flash. Take your photos at a time when the light is right, often after sunrise or before sunset. Do not move! Closer is better than zooming.