Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give / receive keys?

In the section "My listing" in your account, you can select your preferences in the field "key reception" (a friend, a flatmate, a neighbor, a store, in person, other). The simplest way is to leave your keys to a friend or a neighbor you trust, whom will be your co-switcher's guide. Your relative can also take care of your co-switcher's departure and make sure their had a good stay. If you feel worried, your relative can also take care of the checkout and do an inventory of state. Another solution is to leave the key to a local shop where your co-switcher will be able to get them. Make sure to check the shop is open when your co-switcher arrives. You can also give your keys in person if the timing is right.

What should I do if the flat does not look like the listing?

If the flat does not match you co-switcher's listing information, we will refund you entirely. Contact us as quickly as possible so we can find you another flat in case you could not reasonably stay.

What happens if a member wants to modify the duration of an exchange?

It is totally possible for members to modify the duration of an exchange. They are free to take the decision together. Any modification shortening the duration of an exchange could not lead to a price reduction initially determined. Be careful, any modification to extend exchange duration leads to a GUARANTEE CONTRACT MODIFICATION. Please contact us at to make sure your accommodation is COVERED BY OUR GUARANTEE DURING THE ENTIRE DURATION of your exchange. Unless otherwise informed, no claim could be heard. Whatsoever, price charged could not be paid back.

Do I have to exchange simultaneously?

Flat exchanges can be simultaneous or non-simultaneous, depending on what you agree. For example, you can travel during summer and your exchange partner can travel at Christmas, while you are away visiting family.