About us

We are a team of alumni and students located in Bordeaux, France. We have faced the challenges that motivated our decision to design for the future generation what we precisely needed. Our vision - To facilitate the access to student mobility - will not be changed. The platform that will enable us to realize it will consistently be growing.

Let's create today a future where housing is no longer an obstacle to mobility, but instead a means to access a new world of possibilities.

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Meet the Team


MELVYN MOUFLIN | Managing Director & Founder

EDOUARD GIBERT | Director of Partner Relations

GAEL BRETONNEAU | IS Manager & Co-founder

SOPHIE DYER | Communication Coordinator

DEBORAH TRAN | Communication Coordinator

MATTHIEU BIROT | Back-end specialist

ANTOINE GRIBAUDO  | Front-end specialist


MARIE CATOIRE | Strategic Counselling | Bordeaux Unitec

THIERRY ULMET | Director of Auberge Numérique | Aquitaine Europe Communication