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What is SwitchAround?

SwitchAround lets you :

  • Sublet your accommodation or leave your lease during your mobility
  • Subrent accommodation or take over a lease to find housing in the city/school of your future stay
  • Do both!

Offering and finding a sublet at the same time

  1. Fill in your housing offer and demand
  2. Check out the personalized results
  3. Contact users who have accommodation on offer or who are looking for accommodation to sublet
  4. Enjoy your trip

Subletting my accommodation

  1. Offer your accommodation
  2. Check-out personalized housing demands from other members
  3. Contact demanders
  4. Enjoy your trip

How can I look for housing?

  1. List your housing demand
  2. Check-out personalized housing offers
  3. Contact members
  4. Enjoy your safe trip