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Is subletting legal?

According to the Article 8 of the law of the 6th of July 1989, subletting accommodation is legal. Subletting becomes illegal in France, if the sublet doesn’t follow 2 conditions:

  • If the tenant doesn't claim a written agreement of the lessor to sublet his/her accommodation
  • If the price of the rent paid by the subtenant exceeds the price of the rent paid by the tenant

Should I inform my landlord if I host someone in my accommodation?

There is a difference between subletting and hosting. As a tenant, you are free to host whoever you wish in your accommodation except if there is a clause in the rent lease forbidding you to do so. Sharing fees, changing the name on the letter box… are not a proof of subrenting. Is considered as a subrent, any activity that involves a rent fee in exchange for partially or totally occupying the accommodation. It is the lessor’s responsibility to provide the proof that there is an illegal subrent in the case of non authorized subrent.

Can I sub-rent my accommodation if I live with flatmates, with my parents or in a host family?

If you share your accommodation with flatmates and have your own room, you can sub-rent your room to get money out of it. We strongly recommend you get the agreement of your flatmates before you start sub-renting your room to other students. Hosting students from abroad is highly appreciated as it creates a culturally and socially rich experience for your flatmates.