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Our Vision: To make travel affordable for students

You like our vision? You want to join our cool start-up team and participate? They say the more, the merrier, so let's do this.

We are constantly seeking new talents who feel connected to what we do. So whether your field of study is listed below or not, if you are ready to help us achieve our goal, contact us at !


We are a multi-cultural community growing toward all European countries. We need you to help us understand and reach European universities and students' associations. We are looking for students in love with : Ireland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic... It's here => !

SwitchAround Partnership Manager

You are attracted to the idea of knowing all the students unions in your city? The mission of the SPM is to nurture the relationship with these students’ unions who support our vision. Your role is to take care of our partners in your city and make sure they get the right information at the right time. You are in charge of developing the number of Ambassadors in your city in order to create a greater community. Your friends think your charisma is unique? You are convinced that SwitchAround project will make a real change? Contact us at to know more about this role.


Contact us at if you want to hear "Wow, Switcharound is now on google’s first result page!" and say : "Yeah, I did that".

Community Management

More than what you are capable of, we are interested in what you are passionate about. It is a matter of passion. Travels, cultures, student life, web 2.0. CM is about growing and nurturing SwitchAround's community on our different networks (Facebook, Twitter, Blog), right. You have an idea of what CM means, you’re up to it? Want to join our team? Drop us a line at !

Blogging / Editing

We want SwitchAround to be more than just an accommodation exchange community. We want it to be a student travel community. We are always looking for quality content to provide students with. You have a mountain of ideas, tips and comments to share with the student community? Come aboard and participate to our vision! Contact us at !

Communication & Public Relations

Communication has the power to transform a "yeah, I heard about some student project that seemed pretty ok" into "Man, that thing is the coolest stuff if you want to travel more for less money". If you have so many ideas about potential campaigns that you are starting to have a heart attack, come along and help us make it THE coolest stuff, we'll hear you! !


We believe that appearance has a significant impact on our will to use things. We feel that if a great concept does not have the right look, the right design, people won't get a chance to understand how great it is. We don't always have the ability to see the light through the cover. If you feel the same, help us show the light outside to the world. !

Video editing

Video editing has no secrets for you, and if there is, little mystery left, well, you can get the stuff in just no time! You are technically talented, and you have got this little extra thing they call the artist's touch. You are ready to show Europe what you are made of, and you are willing to make this project the next big thing, then come aboard and have fun with us. !


Photography is about capturing a moment and making it eternal. It is also a means to put into light a detail, an emotion, a place. It is said that an image can say more than a thousand words. I agree. If you have the ability to capture these details that turn our perception upside-down, we need you! !


We have the best coding team aboard! They never take themselves seriously, but are irritatingly smart and focused. You want to be part of our coding team? Make some noise!

Other roles

Once again, we will need all your help to achieve our goal: encouraging students to travel more in Europe. So drop us a line if you want to join our team: