Switcharound is building its community. Complete your profile now and get ready to exchange your flat to travel cheaper during your holiday, internship, Erasmus exchange.

For all your travel needs

Exchange your flat for your holidays, internships, Erasmus or other city breaks.

No time limit

Exchange your flat for a night, a month, a semester or more.

Switch your flat or just your room

Exchange your entire flat or just your room if you have flatmates.

Advantages of traveling with Switcharound

For a short stay

For a long stay

Your flat is insured

Enjoy worry-free travel with Switcharound! We’ll insure your flat against damages during your exchange, without extra cost.

Free customer service

If any problems occur, you can contact us on +33(0)5 56 81 87 63 or here.

Cheaper than hostels

Hostels and hotels are expensive. Now spend your money during your stay, not on your stay.

No real estate and moving costs

Real estate agencies and moving fees are expensive. Now spend less on your accommodation by removing unnecessary costs.

Travel like a local

Make the most of your next trip with advice from your co-Switcher. Let them suggest the ultimate to-do list for your stay.

Keep your flat

It is hard to find accommodation for a short lease. With Switcharound you no longer have to move out. You can switch your flat and keep it, it’s really that simple.

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